Has anyone ever heard of Gattaca??? We have a online coupon for free Gattaca sunglasses with S&H. I did an online search and found some Gattaca Sunglasses that had a "value" of $140 but were on sale for $89. Then I checked ebay and they wern't selling for much.

http://www.ent.gattacacorp.com is for the coupon we got from our wells fargo entertainment book. On this page you can get each pair for a S&H price of $8.95 but they don't show what they look like.
If you go to http://www.gattacacorp.com/ you can see the designs. They are still giving away samples here but S&H is based retail value of each pair so S&H is as high as $18.95 per pair, but you get a FREE watch if you order 4 or more samples. I did not see the free watch on the entertainment book page, but honestly I could care less about the free watch.

Are these glasses worth the $8.95 S&H????