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Thread: Anyone Know any Kohls dates?

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    Anyone Know any Kohls dates?

    I missed the last big sale at Kolhs with the $1 stuff and the 80% off clearance.
    Anyone one know dates or when to expect big markdowns?
    A general explaination of how they work?
    The prices they are advertising for after Christmas are the same as the pre Christmas prices.

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    Depending on weither or not you are in thier new test market area for markdowns. (asking an employee will help with that answer) But the markdown schedule for the test markets are 12 weeks and then they will mark them out of stock. If not in a test market area, you will have a long wait. They are slow on markdowns compared to other stores. I would just ask an employee if they know. Usually not a cashier, but a specialist in a dept or in the fine jewerly area. HTHs.

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    I went there and wish I could help you but I went to jeans tried on 12 pair 2 fit, yeah that's right only 2 and left. I heard it was 75% off from a die hard Kohls shopping family member but not sure.

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    Kohl's at 70% on 1/7

    I went to our Kohl's today. Everything here was at 70%, but there are 10% and 15% coupons that were mailed recently. - I received a 10% 'pick a day' coupon. The woman checking out in front of me had some sort of 15% coupon.

    However... it was worth not waiting for 80% because the store was stocked with more clearance than at any point during the last year. - Lots of OshKosh for toddler girl's and boys, also boys aged 4-7, carter's blanket sleepers for toddlers... originally $18.00 a pair, $5.40 less ten additional per cent with the coupon (final price $4.95). Children's and toddler's sweaters... lots of girl's hair accessories... bath mats, coordinating soap dishes, dispensers... bubble bath gift sets in handbags, jewelry boxes.... lots to choose from.

    Gift wrap, bows and holiday stuff, decorations, ornaments were marked 80%.

    Even though everything wasn't 80% to begin with, with the coupon I saved 75%.

    I bought $548 worth of merchandise and spent $144. - So the savings was worth the hour I spent in the store.
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    today it was 80% off here in tulsa.

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