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Thread: Anyone watch Oprah today - foods that make you younger

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    Anyone watch Oprah today - foods that make you younger

    I wish that I had a better memory, but here are the interesting things that I learned:

    - broccoli sprouts are really good for you. (not sure on all of the details - but they have more nutrients than broccoli!)

    - 1/4 cup of broccoli a day can cut your risk of cancer in half

    - one small handful of nuts a day can lower your cholesterol

    - sugar ages you (The one woman drinks 2 liters/day of Pepsi and they told her to switch to diet since sugar ages you)

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    once the rumor mill starts churning, sadly even the truth won't stop it
    I wish I would have watched that. It sounds interesting.

    I love almonds and broccoli, so that is a good start

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    What'cha tryin to fix BIG boy;ain't nuthin broke (down here in Bama)
    Missed it darn! I do yhave some broccoli i need to fix.I like making it in the tupperware steamer that came with my microwave,throw in carrots or cauliflower or just alone with season salt it is perfectI was lookijng at a cookbook when I read this,think I'm headed to kitchen

    Steamed lightly and ranch dressing on the side,its good!
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    To follow up on this, I found this website about "the world's healthiest foods"

    they actually list what they think are the 100 healthiest foods... Was interesting.

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