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    Consumer Expressions

    Does anyone have any positive experience with this company? They seem only to send me ads and junk. But they are listed on so many "top site" directories. Anyone have any experience with them? I am thinking I am going to remove myself from their list.

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    Bump.... I would like an opionion of them too.

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    I am not a member, but just from doing a Google search, they seem like a typical spam/scam site.

    A lot of their rewards appear to be discount coupons (save $10 on a $50 order at Omaha Steaks, for instance), which doesn't sound like much of a "reward" to me. They also seem to have disproportionally large sweepstakes (win a Lexus! win a free trip to Hawaii!). Sounds a little too good to be true, and if it is, then only 1 person would win anything, which would mean you'd be filling out their surveys for free 99.9% of the time.

    They seem to be listed on a bunch of affiliate "offer" sites, which is never a really good sign.

    Personally, after clicking on a dozen or so links, I'd stay far away from this one.

    But that's just my impression, not first hand experience.

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    My experience with Consumer Expressions has been very hit or miss, tending considerably toward the latter. I have two spam filters, one for items requiring a glance and the other for items to ignore, and CE emails go into the Glance At spam box. In nearly a year since signing up, I have gotten one product test (for fabric softener) which was product only, no reward, one survey that paid $10 concerning care-givers of cancer patients, and a number (15-20?) of ok to decent coupons. I also get anywhere from 7-20 emails per week from them, the vast majority going straight to the trash bin. Even that ones that get more than 30 seconds attention are few and far between, and unless there is something highly attractive about the email, I will only follow up on it if I have nothing better to do.

    Some keywords to look out for. The big one is "Participation Required." If I see that anywhere on the email, it is an instant delete. "Our partner", "our affiliate" and "participating site" are all buzz words for "we are making click-thru money off you and you are going to get squat", so they take the express lane to the recycle bin (one caveat - the cancer study, which I nearly deleted, was titled "In Partnership with the American Cancer Society", and the only reason I kept it was because I regard ACS as a very reputable organization). Finally, anything offering the outlandish or improbable ("do our six question survey and get a free Porsche") is on a one-way trip to the plastic file. Any message that does not fit the above criteria does get my attention, and that is where I have received the rare benefit. It is possible that I am missing out on some things because I have set up these ground rules in my head, but I really don't think so.

    So, to sum up. If you have the time and patience you may mine the occaisional nugget of goodness, but there are a ton of more trustworthy sites that offer better returns on your time investment. If you have any questions, respond here or PM me. I hope that helps.
    Take care,

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    Thanks for all the advice on them. I did sign up but I marked no to almost everything it asked on the sign up form like would you like to take a survey and get an ipod for free, stuff like that.
    This board is great!!

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