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Thread: SOCIAL SECURITY~ DISABILITY`how to get on it

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    Thumbs up SOCIAL SECURITY~ DISABILITY`how to get on it

    SS # (plan on a half hr!!) 800-772-1213

    Ok, I feel the need and maybe help some people, if I can.

    This is all from personal experience.

    Its a game, , they like to keep it all mysterious, so I call it a game.

    First, Yes the first time, you will be Denied.
    They never tell people this!! arghhhhhhh..but 99% are denied and then think, they don't have a chance... you do!

    If you're thinking about being on disability.. don't think..RUN.. GO ASAP
    and file.. it'll usually take 1-2 yrs, to even get accepted. The sooner you file,
    the sooner , you get BACK PAY

    2.) GET A LAWYER!!
    REally really impt!! They don't make any money, until you win. They do alot of the filing and are invaluable!! GET a GOOD ONE, bc you can't change in midstream!
    Really look around, don't just get anyone... ask people, do some research.
    again GET A LAWYER!! Most IMPORTANT Thing you can do!!
    They know the law, all the tricks, how to file, when, etc.
    Its worth it!

    3.) EVery Time, you go to the SS office, make them put it IN WRITING, have them sign a piece of paper, verifying you were there. They will hate doing this and tell u its in the computer.. Make them sign and date it anyway!!
    They are sooo overworked and overwhelmed its not funny.


    5.) GET a great Dr, go to your appts, ask your lawyer, to even recommend some drs, that will help you and support you.

    6.) If you need Therapy.. Do IT!!
    Depression, Bipolar, etc... all need meds/ and therapy.
    I like therapy, I'm a fan of it!
    It doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger and a better person.
    It helps you handle life, and gives you tools, to cope.

    Find someone , you like, can relate to. If after the first 3 visits, you're not connecting, look around for another one.

    If you have a Mental Disablility~ chemical imbalance.. this will also help your case.
    STAY on your meds!! LOL
    Go regularly.. this will be invaluable to your case.

    7.) Don't make the mistake of thinking Dr;'s are all knowing God's ... they aren't!
    I'm not a huge fan.. it took them 18 yrs, to figure out I was Partially DEAF!! Over 50 percent!
    I've been partially deaf , since I was 3..and saw tons of drs, growing up.. and they never figured it out. (i'm keeping this short, bc i will rant soon!) LOL
    If you Know theres something wrong with you, be Persistant keep going and try to find Dr's.. that will acknowledge you and work w/ you.
    .. ohh forget it, I' planned on staying in the closet, w/ this, bc i'm new here, but
    I'm Bipolar and tell everyone, anyway! LOL
    (If you have ?'s about bipolar, please feel free to pm me. )
    I've been since a kid and it took until past 30, for them to figure this out.. again ARGHH



    10. ) Don't give up.

    and i will post more later , LOL ,

    Keep the faith, don't give up, read motivation/inspirational things.
    Blessings ~


    ~magick is the spice of life~
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    yep , they always deny the first time. neighbor is a social worker and she says that's a fact. They denied my mom the first time, second time and third time. It took her two years but she refused to hire a lawyer and finally won. It isn't easy though and a lawyer usually ends up being the only way to go.My mom was mad because she'd go to all these hearing and meetings in tremendous pain and they'd deny her but her friends daughter got it because " she's afraid to leave the house???" What!! how could she go to these stupid appointments then? My dh's friend gets it because he's overweight?? So am I , I don't expect someone to pay me for my lack of will power. That's what makes it so hard there are sooo many con artists it makes it hard for people with real disabilities. But do keep at it or they'll just let you flap in the wind.

    Also, keep the week of your appointments open, many times they'd change moms appointments at the last minute. If you don't go they get an attitude

    wow, that's scary! how can they miss over 50% deafness?? So glad you finally got your disability!
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    Keep a calendar of every Doctors appt. you go to. All Lab work you have done- Right down, Visits to Er/ or hospital.
    keep the paperwork, Receipt
    Pharmacy Receipts, Doctor Receipts- You can get your money back on these
    when you are approved. So Make sure you keep all that Info.

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    It's amazing how many people abuse the system to get it - I'm in the process of trying to get a couple's claim reviewed because she's totally healthy, she put in a request 8 months ago to get it from "stress" and last week she got a notice she was approved for at least 3 years at 1100 a month so she ran out and quit her job (being that day she got a check with 6 months of back pay in it), puts the family income at over 95k a year and it just makes me cringe - it's not like she has anything wrong with her, she's pushed for 8 years to get on it so she could be a SAHM while making DH work 3 jobs to give her the lifestyle she wants. It's just so unfair.

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    Thanks for the post - that is great information. Wish I had it about 3 years ago! I tried to get disability on my own (dumb mistake). I didn't know I could get a lawyer without paying upfront, and no one told me at the time. I also didn't have health insurance so I was passed around from doctor to doctor at the free clinic.

    I suffer from Migraines and the judge who reviewed my case told me that he couldn't see the migraines on an Xray so I was obviously not having them! After seeing the doctors at the clinic and being put on medication after medication and getting no where with the disability people I gave up.

    I hope others who need it have better luck!

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    sugarmag, thats Exactly why I posted! I couldn't hold a job, bc of being bipolar.. and when I got turned down, i thought that was it.. until a friend, helped clue me in!.. So now, I always try and help people who really need it.
    Having a Lawyer, is the key thing.

    pooh , people like that who really abuse the system, also makes me furious.. Eight yrs, she pursued it??? thats unreal.. and I don't get how the system, lets people on disability when their hubby makes that much money.. In fact, she makes more than me.. I get 800 to live on.. real fun. but. I still feel blessed!!! Its a true lifesaver, for those who really can't work!

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    after age 50 you seem to get it pretty fast,Ijust got mine,1st time filing italso.But Igot aLawyer to help me

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    Exactly! No matter what age, its having a really good lawyer, that counts.:cool:

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    I am one of those 1% of people who didn't get denied the first time and with no lawyer! I'm 26 and I've been on disability for a year now and i'm bi polar with horrible anxiety and PTSS. And a few other things. I can't hold down a job and I have a temper which usually surfaces when some aggrivating cashier thinks they know more about coupons than me.

    I was pretty shocked that I got it on the first try. I think I was on cloud nine for months. It only took 5 months of waiting also to get approved and get my first check. I only get around 660 a month, but it beats having to deal with fast food work that goes nowhere fast.

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    I hate that it seems to be a game you have to play in order to get the benefits that you are entitled to.
    I started working at my (very large) company fresh out of high school, and after 23 years I started having major problems with arthritis and then was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My lower back is in very bad shape due to degenerative disc disease and I've been to the hospital 9 times in the last 18 months; three of those times I arrived in an ambulance. My blood pressure has skyrocketed. I have carpal tunnel in both hands. On and on.....
    I've had x-rays, MRIs, bloodwork that prove everything the doctors have said, and there are about 6 doctors involved....according to social security, though, since I can WALK I should be able to work. Oh, and I had knee surgery in May due to grade 3 and 4 arthritis in that knee. BUT I still cannot get social security.
    I have heard from many people that you just about have to lose everything you have before they finally pay. That is frightening, and I am constantly second-guessing my ability to hold down a job. I always end up at the same place, though. Nobody is going to hire a person who cannot be depended on to come to work every day. My company MADE me go on long term disability because I missed so many days. It's very overwhelming.
    I am working on my first (and I pray, LAST) appeal. I hired someone because I was told that it is nearly impossible to win on your own. I filed my original claim in December, was denied in March, and filed my appeal in May. Other than getting new 'books' to fill out for them, I've not heard a peep. I have no idea what is going on and the stress gets to me at times.
    It's very hard to NOT give up because it seems so hopeless. I hate this game and don't want to play anymore!

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