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Thread: Walking....what is so great about it?

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    Walking....what is so great about it?

    Walking can be done any where and it is free! Even in the first few steps of a walk your body has begun to burn fat. Walking blast fat from your most stubborn spots-hips, thighs, rear and waist.

    Walking works wonders! As your heart rate revs it takes you from a resting calorie burn of 1 calorie per minute to a maximum of 7 calories per minute. Suddenly your body starts to crank up calorie burn. Melt off unwanted pounds and boost motivation. Walking 20 minutes three times a week increases your calorie burning rate for up to 10 hours.*

    Regular walking can help you*:
    • lose weight
    • prevent or control diabetes,
    • strengthens bones
    • lower blood pressure and "bad cholesterol" levels
    • reduce heart attack and stroke risk
    • cut the odds of developing breast cancer
    • fend off depression and anxiety

    Fish oil can help with your appetite but taking fish oil prior to walking supercharges tummy trimming power of a morning walk to get rid of spare pounds and ab faster. Omega-3 fatty acids in the supplements become flammable during exercise, igniting fat-burning enzymes.

    The more you walk the better you feel.

    Those who took longer walks an average of 41 minutes per day lost the most weight, regardless of the intensity of their workouts. Walking a 20 minute mile actually burns more fat than walking a faster 12 minute one. Duration and consistency have proven to be much more important factors in weight loss.

    When you walk don't think about "working out" or "exercising" but about how great you feel. Choose a pace that feels invigorating and go for as long as feels comfortable.

    Aim to increase the length of your regular sessions by no more than 10 minutes once every few weeks. 290 minutes a week, which is the amount of time the biggest losers spent walking. Divide them up however you like but be sure to choose a schedule you can stick with, since consistency is the key.

    Once you feel strong walking at 290 minutes a week you can boost calorie burn up to 50% by mixing it up. Try adding hills or short bouts of jogging to your regimen. Don't overdo it--you should work up a sweat but still be able to carry on a conversation. And remember to take along a water bottle to stay hydrated. Walk about 45 minutes a day after taking a 2,000 mg supplement. Recommended brands to try- GNC Salmon Oil 1000 or Natrol Omega 3.

    Exercise can help guard againstconstipation - a key to hemorrhoids, while improving balance and agility. 85 year olds who begin walking and lift weights twice a week. saw an increase in body strength.

    Get active as soon as you can (and you will once you begin to feel better from correct eating habit). Walking and other exercise will depress your appetite for stabilizing insulin (your hunger hormones) and your blood sugar. It make you feel fuller when you eat by stimulating the production of hormones that raise the blood-fat level.

    "Being active" makes it easier to maintain your reduced weight because it increases your muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more food you can eat without adding body fat.

    Those who walk to relieve stress find that they stick with it longer than people who walk to lose weight. (Best to tell yourself it is for stress).
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    Walking surpasses all other slimming methods because it fights stress on every level

    • calms tension
    • stops stress eating (curbs appetite for 6 hours ater a stroll)
    • speeds weight loss for virtually 100% of walkers

    Jump between moderate and fast intervals for best results.

    And if you want to tone every muscle in the body, while you are walking-- check out the walking poles like Demi Moore and Suzanne Somers and many other celebs use to burn 23% more caolries! Good for shoulders, triceps and chest muscles. Approx $40.
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    Walking is the best exercise. It's the most natural.
    Our bodies were made to walk. All it takes it going out there and walking. Not sure about walking poles or hand weights or speed walking. What's the point?
    I really wish I had a pedometer (none of the freebies I requested ever came)
    I guess I have to buy one, because I'd make it a game to walk even more. Count those steps!

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    1/2 hour of moderate exercise can substantially improve your mood.

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