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Thread: Updated Baby/Expectant Freebies

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    Updated Baby/Expectant Freebies

    I just wanted to compile a list of freebies for new/expectant parents. I thought it would be easier since it seems to be baby season for some of us. I have checked several of them and these are all seeming to work or at least appear to be working. Hope that this doesnít make anyone mad. Just hope that I am helping thatís all. These consist of websites and phone numbers (most are toll free).

    Items for new/expectant parents:
    *** Free New Mothers Kit From Pfizer ***
    Call 1-800-223-0182
    I believe you use option 4.
    *You'll speak to an operator. Tell them you're interested in the New Mother's Kit and also let them know you are having multiples. If asked where you heard about the offer, I usually say "a friend (or neighbor) told me about it" can also say "a Nurse at the hospital told me" You'll get free products and/or coupon for things like: Desitin, Pediacare, Purell, and other Pfizer products.

    Evenflo 1-800-233-Baby free gift pack for Multiples full of bottles, nipples and toys

    Avent 1-800-54-AVENT free info and sample (wonderful samples for breastfeeding mother)

    Healthy Mom ensure free samples

    Pedia Care 1-800-717-2824 $23.00 in cents off coupons and coupons for
    free items new mothers pack (some of their products are Desitin, Listerine, Pedia Care, Purell) Great pack

    Summer Infant Products
    33 Meeting St
    Cumberland, RI 02864
    Send a box of free stuff-generous

    Modial Industries
    600 Mondial Parkway
    Streetsboro, OH 44241
    Different gifts, some people get diaper genies

    General Freebie list for new/expectant parents:
    Here is another complied list of freebies. A lot of time but well worth it if you start receiving your samples/full sized products. These are all freebies that are available in the US. - lots of free baby stuff and info here.

    Here's a big list of 800#s to call to get baby freebies:

    Free printable $1.00 Coupon for Anbesol (US)

    Free webpage for your baby!

    Free Orajel $1.50 Rebate (US)

    Free 1-Year Subscription to BabyTalk Magazine (US)

    Free Bowl from Beechnut (US)

    Free Baby Bib from Beechnut (US)

    Free Parent Pak for entering the Contest (US)

    More special offers from Beechnut

    Free Potty Training Kit with Stickers, Storybook and more (US & Canada)

    Free Child Identification Kit (US)

    Positive Parenting Tips

    Free printable $1.00 Coupon off Desitin (US)

    Free printable $1.00 Coupon for Infant Drops Dimetapp (US)

    Free Enfamil Smart Bag (US)

    Register for valuable Retail Checks and special Offers (US)

    Free Child Identification Kit (US)

    Join the Fisher-Price Family (US & Canada)

    More twin stuff

    Register for up to $45 in Coupons (US)

    Free printable $2 Coupon for LiquiLytes Instant Mix Powder (US)

    Free printable $1.00 Coupon (US & Canada)

    Free Height Chart (Worldwide)

    Free Subscription to VeryBestToddler Magazine (US)

    Great Pregnancy and Parenting Resource

    Free Mama Magazine (US)

    Free Portrait Package for Babies 3 Months and under (US & Canada)

    Free Pampers Welcome Kit and Coupons (US)

    Comprehensive Source for Parenting, Pregnancy and Childcare

    Great free & useful Checklists and Charts for Families

    Free Circus Ticket for every Baby born in the past 12 months (US)

    Register for free Formula Samples and Coupons Similac (US)

    Free Baby's Development Guide (US, Canada & Mexico)

    Free $2.00 Coupon (US)

    Free Birthday Gift and Card (US, 2-10)

    Free Room-by-Room Home Safety Tips for new Parents

    Free Subscription to the Very Best Baby Collection (US)

    Free Huggies Pull-Ups Way to Go Success guide

    Diapers: - under their promotions section, you can sign up for free coupons.

    Free samples/coupons - Balmex 1-866-844-2798 press 0

    Huggies 1-800-544-1847 samples and coupons (make sure you tell them you are having triplets)

    Luvs 1-800-699-7916 coupons for Multiples

    Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Huggies)
    Multiple Birth Program
    Department QMB
    P.O. Box 2020
    Neenah, WI 54957
    Twins-coupons for money off
    Triplets-coupons for money off and for free products
    Quads-coupons for money off and for free products

    Nestle Infant Nutrition
    P.O. Box AW
    Wilkes Barre, PA 18703
    They send coupons for 5 cans of carnation good start formula

    Drypers Corp
    P.O. Box 8830
    Vancouver, WA 98666

    Playtex Products
    20 Troy Road
    Whittany, NJ 07981
    Twins-bottle kit, liners and pacifiers
    Triplets-2 bottle kits, liners and pacifiers
    Quads-3 bottle kits, liners and pacifiers

    Evenflo Products
    Multiple Birth Program
    1000 Evenflo Drive
    Canton, GA 30114
    Twins-starter kit, disposable liners and coupons
    Triplets-starter kits, liners, coupons and bibs
    Quads-starter kits, liners, coupons and bibs

    International Playtex
    700 Fairfield Ave
    P.O. Box 10064
    Stamford, CT 06904
    Send free bottles and pacifiers

    Triplets more only; Ansa Bottle Co., 1-800-527-1096

    Scott Paper Co. - Call 1-800-TEL-SCOT to receive free Baby Fresh Wipes
    for multiples.

    Scott Paper Co.
    Attn: Consumer Relations
    Front and Ave. of States
    Chester, PA 19013
    Twins-coupons for free Baby Fresh and Wash a-bye Baby
    Triplets-coupons for free Baby Fresh and Wash a-bye Baby
    Quads-coupons for free Baby Fresh and Wash a-bye Baby

    Bath Care Products:
    Johnson and Johnson 1-800-526-3967 coupons, and for multiples coupons
    for free items.

    Johnson & Johnson
    199 Grandview Road
    Skillman, NJ 08558
    Twins-gift packet
    Triplets-gift packet
    Quads-gift packet

    COUPON for a FREE any size Baby Magic Product 1-800-228-7408
    Email them for free samples for pregnant women. I did this and got:
    2 post natal firming lotion samples
    1 heals n softens dry skin cream
    1 massage cream for stretch marks
    1 scar cream

    Formula: - Get free sample and free formula check from Enfamil

    Baby Mil or Baby soy 1-800-344-1358 - Free samples and coupons

    Bright Beginning's free voucher, newsletter, free coupons throughout the year.

    Carnation Good Start 1-800-242-5200 free club with checks free and dollars off formula if you have twins or more they will send you coupons for free formula.

    Similac 1-800-Baby-Line Welcome addition club checks for formula and info

    Mead & Johnson
    Public Affairs
    2404 Pennsylvania Street
    Evansville, IN 47721
    You can receive a one time shipment of complimentary formula; one case for each baby.

    800 N. Brand Blvd.
    Glendale, CA 91203
    Carnation does not have a multiple program, but you can call every week or so and get coupons.
    They do have an Special Delivery Club for expectant mothers:
    1-800-547-9400, Carnation sends booklets on pregnancy, nutrition, formula coupons, samples, order forms for upcoming programs and other pamphlets.

    Ross Laboratories (Similac)
    625 Cleveland Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43216
    Welcome Addition Club - Call to join the club and receive coupons. Talk to your peditrition for local rep. Will usually give a case of formula per baby.

    Free Sample Organic Baby Formula:

    - go here for a free subscription to Baby Talk magazine
    - Get a free subscription to American Baby magazine

    Twins magazine 1-888-558-9467 they will send you a back issue to see if you like it.

    Baby Food Actual/Coupons: - use their contact form and let them know you are having triplets - they'll likely send you free coupons. - they sell organic baby food and vitamins. Use their contact form and let them know you are having triplets -
    they'll likely send you free coupons.

    Earths Best 1-800-434-4246 press #1 for free coupons

    Gerber 1-800-443-7237 free coupons - be sure you tell them you are having multiples

    Multiple Birth Program
    445 State Street
    Fremont, MI 49413
    Write "twins", "triplets", "Quads" on special offers and get 2x, 3x, or 4x the amount
    Twins-feeding information, upc offers, 2x the coupons
    Triplets- You get 3x the coupons for free food and feeding spoons.
    Quads-You get 4x the coupons for free food, feeding spoons and a selection of clothing

    Beechnut Food Corp
    Checker board Square
    St. Louis, MO 63164
    Twins-promotional packet and 2x the coupons
    Triplets-promotional packet and 3x the coupons
    Quads-promotional packet and 4x the coupons
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    Summer Infant Products
    33 Meeting St
    Cumberland, RI 02864
    Send a box of free stuff-generous

    Modial Industries
    600 Mondial Parkway
    Streetsboro, OH 44241
    Different gifts, some people get diaper genies

    so for these two do i just send thema request???

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    All you do is drop them a letter in the mail and tell them you are expecting, alot of these will send you a SASE back for you to put a "note" from your doctor or copies of the birth certificates for stuff like the diaper cases, formula cases, and big gifts, but for coupons they dont ask for any of that. I simply told them I was expecting on July 27, 2007 and that I was interested in their products and if they could/would add me to any and all mailing lists that they currently have. HTH.

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    Baby Mil or Baby soy 1-800-344-1358 - Free samples and coupons

    this number is wrong, i called it and its a music number and they said they've had a few ppl call it for baby mil. just thought i'd let everyone know

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    Thank you for going to all the trouble. This is really great!

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