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Thread: Counterfeit Colgate Toothpaste Found

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    Counterfeit Colgate Toothpaste Found

    Counterfeit Colgate Toothpaste Found
    Allison Klimerman 212-310-3770
    Tom Paolella 212-310-2774

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- New York, New York -- June 14, 2007 -- The Colgate–Palmolive Company today warned that counterfeit toothpaste falsely packaged as "Colgate" has been found in several dollar-type discount stores in four states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. There are indications that this product does not contain fluoride and may contain Diethylene Glycol. The Company stated that it does not use, nor has ever used, Diethylene Glycol as an ingredient in Colgate toothpaste anywhere in the world.

    The counterfeit toothpaste can be easily recognized because it is labelled as "Manufactured in South Africa." Colgate does not import toothpaste into the United States from South Africa. In addition, the counterfeit packages examined so far have several misspellings including: "isclinically" "SOUTH AFRLCA" "South African Dental Assoxiation".

    Counterfeit toothpaste is not manufactured or distributed by Colgate and has no connection with the Company whatsoever. Colgate is working closely with the US FDA to help to identify those responsible for the counterfeit product.

    Consumers who suspect they may have purchased counterfeit product, can call Colgate’s toll-free number at 1 800 468 6502.


    FDA's Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts Page:

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    In my little world....shhhh....

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    Wow!! This is crazy!!

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