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Thread: Stick out your tongue.

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    Stick out your tongue.

    Your tongues color and texture reveals your body's physical state. A healthy person's tongue is generally pale red with a think white coat. If you are a woman and your tongue is:

    Purple - You may have sluggish circulation. This happens when insufficient blood is flowing to the major organs and extremities. That is a culprit behind low energy, blue mood and brain fog. The fix: antioxidants called bioflavonoids, which are found in all colorful fruits. Bioflavonoids improve vein elasticity and increase circulation to energize the mind and body. Simply enjoy one cup of fresh or frozen fruit daily , or try a supplement.

    Red and Bumpy- you may have a cortisol overload. Tiny, painless bumps on the tip and sides of the tongue are often the first sign of extremely high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. Cortisol causes a blood sugar flux that sparks carb cravings so intense that sticking to a diet is nearly impossible. To ease stress, try this acupuncture trick: Hold out your right arm, wrist straight and fingers relaxed. Measure two fingerwidths down from your wrist; press that point for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. Repeat nine times. Pressing this "heart protector" point sends a calming energy flow to the heart and triggers a 22 percent drop in cortisol almost instantly.

    Yellow- You may have poor digestion. A yellow coat forms on the tongue when the digestive system isn't working right. The underlying problem is often stress, which signals the stomach to decrease production of digestive enzymes, causing stomach contents to remain stagnant and unabsorbed. (Stress weakens your digestive system which can't alert the liver that the stomach is full.) This results in everything from a drop in energy to sugar cravings because the body stops assimilating necessary nutrients from food. To increase digestion by 70 percent take a digestive enzyme supplement and then to keep the enzyme levels up, eat fruits and vegetable uncooked when possible. Cooking removes most enzymes.

    Pale Pink- You may have a vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B helps the body cope with everyday hassles by boosting production of stress fighting chemicals called glucocorticoids. B vitamins help synthesize healthy red blood cells that carry energizing oxygen throughout the body and to the brain (and gives the tongue its healthy red hue). Increase your intake of B-rich foods like nuts, eggs, fish and poultry. B-150 vitamins at Wal-Mart are good.
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