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Thread: Tired, dizzy, achy?

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    Tired, dizzy, achy?

    • extreme fatigue
    • weakness
    • headaches/migraines
    • tender, painful skin or hives.
    • dizziness
    • brain fog
    • depression
    • achy joints and muscles

    Many people suffer when their immune system can't handle any more chemicals such as Toluene (methylbenzene), a solvent found in hundreds of products such as cosmetics, mousse, concealer, nail polish, perfumes and air fragrances, lip balm, furniture wax, ink....even new particleboard!

    It is known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS.

    It can be triggered by one big chemical exposure or by repeated low doses. See Harmful Chemicals in everyday products
    Your body needs to be detoxed and then you should avoid them.

    Use air filter, drinking filter and go organic to weed out the toxins. Selenium can also help. Avoid MSG, aspartame, (Nutrasweet) and High Fructose Corn Sweeteners

    Monosodium Glutamate and Obesity

    Monosodium Glutumate and Fibramyalgia

    Foods that may be making you fat

    Foods to avoid

    Food for thought (literally)

    What is a person to do?

    Cortisol and Diabetes

    A Personal trainer told me this

    Foods good for the heart

    Fruit juices- What is in them
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