Many children do not have books in their homes. Many parents do not have time, or do not understand the importance of reading to their children. With Storyline, the opportunity to hear a book read by an adult is available to children twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional actors serve as role models for parents to read to their children. Reading with enthusiasm and varying voice tones helps hold a child's attention. Parents who listen to stories with their child learn tools for making their own storytelling more fun. Some parents learn about their child's new found passion for books after the child has been listening to Storyline.

Each month, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation selects a curriculum of books with a different theme. BookPALS readers, who have been trained to use their voices with expression, record a new story each week. A schedule of the selections is published each month, in order to make it possible for children to check a featured book out of the library or purchase the book to read along.

Storyline is currently active in Arizona, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Las Vegas and Los Angeles,. For more information, or to volunteer, please call National Program Director Jan Powell at (323) 546-6709 or click here.

Children can call these numbers anytime to hear a free story (long distance charges may apply). Click on each city to see the current schedule of books being read.

(602) 864-3870
Los Angeles
(323) 374-2444
(310) 623-5777
(818) 239-3111
(213) 632-2300
Las Vegas
(702) 314-1234

(952) 352-1350