Dear Pharmacist Column on 9/1/2007

RE: medications (drug muggers)and how they rob the body of vitamins said that side effects might be avoided if we supplement properly.

Medications have always been capable of depleting our body's stores of vital life-sustaining nutrients. (Antibiotics are drug muggers for natural, healthy flora in the gut. Eating yogurt, or supplementing with L. acidophilus or S. boulardii will restore gut integrity and minimize or stop stomach cramps, yeast infections and diarrhea normally associated with antibiotic use.

Statin cholesterol reducers (Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor, Advicor) deplete the body of Coenzyme Q10. This can cause muscle aches, cramps, weakness and heart disease, among other things. Replenishing the body with CoQ10 allow many to continue their statin, where they would normally find it intolerable.

Hundreds of other drug muggers exist. Knowing what nutrients to replenish is important because it helps avoid uncomfortable and dangerous side effects from drugs. You can eat a diet rich in the nutrients you need, or you can supplement.

Check out the list on her web site so you can see if you take a drug mugger and learn what nutrients to restore.