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Thread: Personal trainer told me this....

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    Personal trainer told me this about losing weight

    I was talking to a lady who had been truly obese and became a personal trainer after she lost 80 lbs. (You should see her now! She has a totally FLAT stomach.) I asked how she did it.

    Diagnosed with an over-growth of yeast from taking antibiotics at some point in her life led to gluten-intolerant (celiacs disease where one shouldn't eat wheat, rice, rye and a few other things). She simply quit eating those things and used good quality probiotics to kill the awful yeast in her stomach that was creating all kinds of problems and affecting her immune system. Very quickly and without trying to she lost 30 lbs. She began reading up and found other things that were bad for all of us and changed her way of eating. She dropped another 50 lbs but also she exercises. They NEVER eat out and she won't touch anything in a box or packaged such as Hamburger Helper, Velveeta and Shells, crackers, cookies, pre-packaged cakes, etc.

    She told me some things to "google". One was about low glycemic foods. (Her dad is an alcoholic and the doctors have told them alcoholics tend to have high glycemia.)

    She said that even though pineapple is a fruit it is a high glycemic food.

    High glycemic index foods linked to health problems and generally make blood glucose levels higher. In addition, people who eat a lot of high glycemic index foods tend to have greater levels of body fat, as measured by the body mass index (BMI). High BMIs are linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

    High glycemic index foods include many carbohydrates, such as these:

    Baked goods

    (Interesting...Looks to me like the very things you'd find on the unsafe foods for Celiacs Disease

    People who eat a lot of low glycemic index foods tend to have lower total body fat levels. Low glycemic index foods include these:

    Whole grains

    Have you all heard Dr. Oz on Oprah, Dr. Gott in the paper, and on the nightly news they are talking about taking antibiotics??

    A yeast overgrowth leads to all kinds of problems--obesity, diabetes, allergies, etc.
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    Thank you so much for all the wonderful
    info,I will try to eat more the way she did and hope to have as much success!

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    This is unbelieveable!

    A relative of mine died recently at a young age. The unbelieveable part was to be told that a large part of the problem was ANTIBIOTICS.

    Her doctors have given her antibiotics for years and just mentioned in passing to be sure to eat some yogurt. ANTIBIOTICS!! Her stomach was full of yeast caused by antibiotics and she was not able to get any nutrition. It was terrifying the problems she was having--heart, blood pressure, UTI, dehydration, acid reflux, ulcer, unresponsiveness, a gluten intolerance from the damage from the antibiotics,etc. I counted the meds she was being given and with IV's and pills she was given 31 meds a day (some were the same ones just given at different times!)

    And she was out driving her car and going places just a day or two before!!

    I think every doctor should be required to make sure the patient understands how dangerous antibiotics can be, if you don't take probiotics.

    She had had chronic diarrhea for some time and they first thought she had C Diff ,which I had never heard of, but now understand, can be caused by antibiotics.

    Reading on the internet it says the best way to get Probiotics in your diet is through foods like plain yogurt (no sugar, no artificial sweeteners ), artichokes, bananas, onions, garlic, barley,tomatoes, cheese, miso, tempeh, kefir or raw sauerkraut.* Hmmmmm....something natural instead of another pharmeceutical!!

    *Sauerkraut is also effective in treating peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, colic, various food allergies, cystitis, vaginal infections, constipation and digestive disorders but it must be fresh, unpasteurized sauerkraut, not the kind found on supermarket shelves that is highly salted and pasteurized, with it’s lactobacilli and enzymes totally destroyed.

    Acidophilus, part of the normal flora in your urinary tract and vaginal tissue, helps us digest dairy foods, and restores intestinal balance especially for antibiotic-induced diarrhea.

    Acidophilus (found in acidophilus milk and also in some yogurt) is a very effective healing medicine for low immune response conditions, like candida albicans (yeast infections from antibiotics) where nutrient assimilation is seriously compromised. Acidophilus supplementation is particularly important for preventing and treating drug antibiotic induced diarrhea, Candida overgrowth, and urinary tract infections. Lactobacillus Acidophilus can correct the increase of negative bacteria observed following the administration of broad spectrum antibiotics or that occur with any acute or chronic diarrhea.

    Acidophilus benefits helps:
    *synthesize B vitamins and produces essential enzyme stores
    *overcome lactose intolerance by digesting milk sugars
    *reduce blood fat and high cholesterol levels
    *improve elimination – contributing to sweet breath and normal body odor
    *kill harmful bacteria that contribute to cancer; helps block tumor development. Reduces the risk of recurring bladder tumors.
    *inactivate some harmful viruses
    *detoxify the gastrointestinal tract and improves G.I. health
    *prevents and treats overgrowth of "bad" organisms, such as yeast which replaces the "friendly" intestinal bacteria destroyed by the taking of antibiotics. (This condition tends to cause diarrhea or if untreated, chronic diarrhea which can quickly kill someone who is weak, such as a child or elderly person.).
    *prevent and/or reduce the recurrence of vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), and cystitis (bladder inflammation).
    *aids the treatment of respiratory infections such as sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
    *Aids digestion and suppressing "disease-causing" bacteria, again such as yeast.
    *Alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and, possibly, inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis).
    *Improve lactose absorption digestion in people who are lactose intolerant
    *Lowers risk of allergies. Examples include asthma, hay fever, food allergies to milk, and skin reactions such as eczema.
    * eliminate Helicobacter pylori, an organism that can lead to development of ulcers.(I saw they were treating her for ulcers.)
    * prevent osteoporosis.

    Be sure to buy yogurt and milk that contains L. acidophilus or Bifidobacteria, to help improve the immune system. Check the label. (Braums yogurt has it--not sure about their milk. And Braums does not feed their cattle antibiotics since that would pass through to milk.)

    Found on one site:

    While taking antibiotics, you can prevent a yeast infection by eating three servings of acidophilus yogurt each day or by taking acidophilus supplements. Continue this "treatment" during the ten days of medication and for two weeks afterward. You can also use either yogurt or supplements from a health foods store continuously as prevention. Probiotics supplements are like a good health insurance policy.

    ALSO be very careful when using antibacterial soaps as many of the "good bacteria" may be killed, allowing yeast to take over.
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    If you are just now hearing about some of the Side Effects of Antibiotics -

    Anyone--men, children and women can get an overgrowth of yeast in the stomach, from taking antibiotics. (See how antibiotics contribute to C. Diff and MRSA.) On the skin a yeast infection is known as eczema and "thrush" is often seen a child's mouth. Pregnant moms eating too much sugar can feed the yeast and pass it on to the baby. Diabetics have an overgrowth of sugar.

    Yeast in the stomach is fed by sugar.

    If at any time in your life you have taken antibiotics and not gotten completely rid of the yeast it might still be making you sick--headaches, achiness, trouble remembering things. Since the immune system is compromised many find that they are more allergic to molds and pollens. A pet coming in from outside may have pollen on their paws.

    Because yeast can get so out of control it creates problems such as breaking down the cell thick barrier that keeps this yeast from leaking out and getting into other parts of the body making it harder to fight off infections. Your body isn't able to absorb the nutrients that you need.

    People sometimes find that they are lactose intolerant (because milk helps the yeast grow.) Once the yeast is under control they can again enjoy milk. (This is another reason that we should be insisting on milk and beef from cattle that have not been given antibiotics as the antibiotics do pass through to the milk and meat. (Braums does not give cattle antibiotics and Braums milk is cheaper than other "organic" milk.) The same goes for chickens as antibiotics will pass through to us through the meat and eggs.

    If you crave sugar it is mostly likely you have an overgrowth of yeast in your stomach and it is being fed it every time you eat that sugar. Chocolate cravings are a sign that your body is not absorbing the magnesium it needs, due to the yeast (CATCH 22) we eat chocolate which has sugar and feeds the yeast.)

    Doctors are now realizing this might account for many of the problems people are experiencing....since it doesn't allow our bodies to absorb the nutrients we need. It might show up in many different ways. To name a few---tingling, muscle weakness, irritability, stress. Stress can then show up as tooth grinding...which can cause neck and back aches, acid reflux etc....The list goes on and you can do some googling yourself on this whole yeast subject.

    Dr. Gott says to eat a "no sugar, no white flour". His common sense approach and the one Dr. Phil has in his book call for us to eat the very same things that we should eat to avoid feeding yeast...and that is why so many lose weight when they kill off the yeast overgrowth.

    Many believe Mona Vie, Goji, Mangosteen, etc (juices that are so popular today ) help people feel better because we are finally getting the right kind of things that our bodies need.

    MSG (which goes by many different names) is put in food by just about every restaurant because it makes everything taste so good) along with the artificial sweetener aspartame (Nutrasweet) are excitoxins. Many of the gel caps on medicines have free glutamic acid (a form of MSG). Did you know MSG is put into canned foods so you don’t taste the tinny taste of the can?

    Try to avoid anything that has high fructose corn sweetener on the package as an ingredient. (Sadly, it is in almost every packaged or processed food item these days because it is very cheap for manufacturers so they make more profit....but it also packs on weight much faster than sugar ever did. Soda pop, crackers, Hamburger Helper, BBQ sauce, Macaroni and cheese, cookies—you name it, it has it! )

    Garlic or Odorless garlic is good to help stop the overgrowth of yeast. If you choose to take vitamins or the magnesium mentioned above, remember that many manufacturers use yeast and some type of sugar as a "filler" so it is better to go to a health food store and look for the pure form. (You have the watch the vitamins at health food stores. Once I bought selenium from the health foods store and it had yeast in it.
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    Wow! Thank you all for sharing so much! I had peptic ulcers a few years ago which healed but I was still having awful stomach problems. I was in a constant state of nausea and I could barely eat. I had severe stomach pain all the time and it would wake me up nightly. This went on for a year and a half. I still have stomach pain flare-ups but nothing like it used to be. The dr's did so many tests and a second endoscopy to prove to me that my ulcers were healed. No one could figure out what was wrong. I pray every day that the nausea and severe pain doesn't come back. I wondered about trying the yogurt with probiotics. It sounds like it really works. I'll do anything to not have a relapse.

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    THANK YOU. this is information that is very important. I'm only 23 but I have spent a good majority of my life sick and I have taken antibiotics so many times that I just KNOW this is the reason I feel the way I do sometimes. Everything you said...blood pressure, UTI, dehydration, acid reflux...i have all of fact, ive had one UTI every year for the last 4 years. i actually just had my worst UTI EVER and they made me stay in the hospital overnight and they gave me a 3 day course of antibiotics. that was just last week. they keep giving me this list of things to do to prevent UTIs and ive ALWAYS done EVERYTHING on that sheet and i cant figure out why i keep getting them...till now.

    ive never even heard of probiotics. i've also been overweight since i was 4 years old (around the time i started getting sick a LOT). also, i developed an allergy to lactose when i was 9, and even now i can hardly have any milk (unless its used when i bake something) because i get painfully sick. i have stomach problems almost everyday. and i thought it was just what i was eating--i dont eat healthy always but i dont eat horribly either.

    this info came at a time when i was thinking about changing my diet anyway. so thanks!! im going to look into this. ive heard so much about Dr. Gott's "No Flour, No Sugar" diet, but i dont like many veggies or fruits and the ones i do like, i tire of quickly. and ive been trying to look for foods that have no flour or no sugar that i actually like and its so hard!!! but im getting married so i need to try harder!!

    thanks so much!

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    311heaven, if you get tired of veggies, maybe you can try some of the Sneaky Chef recipes. For instance, DH just made me pancakes for breakfast and there was 1 cup of pureed spinach + 1 cup of pureed blueberries in it .... then he added chocolate chips to the batter. I could not taste the spinach at all --- but I ate it!

    I do eat veggies every day -- but I love variety and get tired of them sometimes too. Some of these recipes are really good. I can't find any Sneaky Chef recipes on-line, but they have some of the Deceptively Delicious on-line:

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    Also, I agree with the eating yogurt. I am my target weight and I notice that yogurt makes my stomach flatter. I buy the big quart size of plain yogurt. I think that some of the other flavored ones have too much sugar.

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    WOW Thank you for all the wonderful info... I am in shock!

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    Please report back as you see changes.

    I woke up with a flat stomach one morning, without exercising! (I also take MSM, ---that is the vitamins you lose when you cook your is at Wal-Mart in the vitamins section. I remember as a kid, a girl in gym class remarked on my pot something is working if I am this old and have a flat stomach without working out.

    My 23 yr old nephew who is really into having a lean body thinks MSM is a wonder vitamin. (He had originally taken it for pain for an accident he was in.

    I mentioned it to my 80 yr old uncle and he thinks MSM is wonderful for pain, also....and he is on morphine.)
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