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Thread: Subway's $5.00 sub deal

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    Subway's $5.00 sub deal

    I'm sure most have you have seen the 5.00 footlong sub deal at subway on a t.v. commercial, the radio or even when just at the store. I wanted to let everyone know some info I found out so you wont have an issue like we did the other night.

    We went to subway the other week and got our subs for the 5.00 price and then a few days later my husband grabbed subs again from the subway that's a little closer to where we live. Well, we got charged the normal price. I emailed the coorperate office to find out why we were charged the full price and why I just seen the 5.00 advertisment on the t.v. all day if they aren't honoring it.Here's the response....

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us.

    Please accept my apology for any confusion regarding the $5.00 Promotions being offered.

    Some locations are still offering Any Regular Foot long for $5.00 while other locations are offering a minimum of 8 certain subs for $5.00 each
    which are posted on orange color signs in the restaurants. You will also find that some locations will not be offering either of these promotions.

    All SUBWAY® locations are individually owned and operated. Pricing as well as participation in promotions varies from location to location.
    Federal Law prohibits the mandating of pricing or participation since it is considered price fixing to do so.

    I suggest you inquire at the Subway locations you visit to see if they participate in any of these promotions.

    Again, I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

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    Yeah that is a bummer!
    I like Subway but their menu is a bit confusin IMO. I just seem a commercial on TV saying now that the $5.00 sub deal is going on their value meal for good but I guess it's up to each store to determine that

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    Wow, thanks for the post. I stopped in a subway Saturday morning to pick up a few subs prior to our garage sale at my nieces house. THe subway I stopped at changed their $5.00 subs deal to only selected sub sandwiches, I believe there are 8 to choose from. She said the change took effect one week ago at their store. The sandwiches I wanted were not part of the $5.00 special, oh well. Anyway, I checked with my local subway here in town. We pop in there once every two weeks. Anyway, they are still honoring $5.00 foot longs of any kind. Its odd, but if they are individually owned and operated, I guess they can choose.
    Its hit or miss.

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