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Thread: Paid "in-store" mall surveys

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    Paid "in-store" mall surveys

    Did you know you can get paid cash for taking surveys from those people walking around the mall with clipboards!

    I always avoided them, until someone told me they actually pay you.

    I got stopped at a mall recently by a young man, he was like "want to take a 5 minute survey and get paid cash afterwards?" I said," Ok!" and he was all surprised, I guess they get declined alot.

    They took me to a back room and made me take a survey about movie previews. Luckily the young lady interviewing me was typing in answers for me if I didn't know what to say. She clicked through a bunch of stuff and made up alot of answers for me =) She asked how old I was, and she was surprised when I was older than I looked, I guess she was looking for young people.

    I got $2 cash afterwards...not much, but at $2 per 5 minutes, that equals about $24 an hour.

    Anybody else do mall surveys? How much do you get paid for them?

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    I made $5 once at the mall. I can't remember what it was about though---it was back in 2000! I have hardly been to a mall since, due to my location. She gave me a fiver, and I went and bought myself lunch. It was great!!

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    About 2 years ago I took one of those surveys about different types of soft drinks. It took around 10 minutes and I got handed a $20.00 bill.
    This past Christmas I took a quick survey at Big Lots and got $10.00 for talking about my shopping that day.

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    A couple months ago I did a survey at the movie theater about one of the ads before the movie and got 2 movie tickets for another movie. Easy survey, good deal! Wish I could do more like that.

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    I must be shopping at the wrong stores.LOL. All I ever get is a reciept to enter surveys online for a chance to win or if you go out to eat they'll give you a free whopper or something for taking a phone in survey.

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    They also do these surveys at amusement parks, like Universal, Busch Gardens, etc.
    I received $7.00 for tasting yougrt one time and $4.00 for tasting soda.
    It never takes more than 5 to 10 minutes.

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    i did one last year took about 4 minutes paid me $3 not bad

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    Yes, there is a survey company that has an office at one of the malls around here. I got $15 for evaluating commercials . Only took an hour. And a couple other times I did some for $10, doing taste testing for frozen foods and a pudding taste test. One other time I did an in home test of a bathroom cleaner that paid me $25 after three weeks. I love this company !

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    A friend of mine recently told me about this have yet to check in to it. He says he did the clipboard survey one time and since then they call him to come down to do additional surveys. He said he did a bottled water drinking taste test that took three days (three different trips down there and it paid $100.

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    I was one of those pesky clipboard people a couple of years ago. It was funny to watch people when they spotted me. They would either put their head down or pretend to be on their cell phone or start walking really fast (I do the same thing).

    I worked for U30 over a weekend in a local mall when GARB was recruiting panelists. I had to ask people about their underwear!! The looks on some of the faces were priceless.

    But when they found out that they'd get paid CASH on the spot to complete the questionnaire and there was a possibility of more cash in the future if they did some online surveys and product testing, they were lining up!!

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