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~Recipes for Old Fashioned Apple Sauce Cake and Apple Sauce Cookies are included in the White House Classic Apple Sauce Recipes booklet. Consumers can request their free copy by writing to White House Classic Apple Sauce Recipes, P.O. Box 2040, Winchester, VA 22604.~


~White House Foods Celebrates over 98 Years as a Family Tradition</STRONG>

Winchester, VA - Teddy Roosevelt was president, the first Model-T Ford rolled off the production line and the White House label began appearing on apple products throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. For over 98 years, White House has been a tried and true family tradition, gracing lunch boxes and dinner tables for generations.

Mr. Frank Armstrong Sr. took special pride in offering high quality White House apple products to American families, when he started the company in the early part of the 1900's. From the first bottle of apple cider vinegar sold to the wide variety of products we offer today, our company is committed to providing wholesome, good tasting food appropriate for todayís active, health-conscious families.

Busy moms love White House Apple Sauce Cups. Theyíre ideal for kidsí lunchboxes or as healthy snacks at work for mom and dad. With 100% of the suggested daily amount of Vitamin C, White House Apple Sauce Cups are more nutritious than the other leading brand. They are available in convenient packs of six, 4-ounce single serve containers, and your family will rave about the delicious flavors Ė Natural Plus, Cinnamon, Chunky, Regular, Cinnamon Chunky and Fruitastics.

Want your kids to drink something that's good for them? There's no easier way than letting them try great tasting White House Premium Apple Juice. Itís better than regular apple juice, because itís made from real, fresh-pressed apples, not concentrate. And, since it has 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs and itís enriched with calcium, itís more nutritious too. Once you tempt their taste buds with White House Premium Apple Juice, no other juice will do.

And serving up healthy, mom-made meals just got easier with our White House Apple Sauce Bowls. This family meal-size serving of apple sauce comes in an attractive wide mouth, re-sealable bowl that allows you to simply remove the lid and place it right on the dinner table. It makes your meal planning a breeze, and like the apple sauce cups, White House Apple Sauce Bowls come in two mouth watering flavors that will delight even the most picky eaters. Not only are Apple Sauce Bowls an ideal side dish, but they're the perfect partner for baking too.

For the quintessential dessert that conjures up memories of Grandma's house, try our Old Fashioned Apple Sauce Cake. White House Apple Sauce Bowls are just the right size for this recipe, which is sure to become a regular feature of any special occasion. Who knows, you might even become famous for it. Or, if your troops prefer cookies to cake, they will clamor for Apple Sauce Cookies. With this recipe and others, baking with apple sauce is an easy way to make some of your favorite desserts healthier.~