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Thread: How Do I get Coupons Mailed to Me?

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    How Do I get Coupons Mailed to Me?

    My mother is a coupon queen. She uses coupons with sales and stores that offer double coupons. She is aware of online coupons, but we do not have a printer. She just uses the ones in the Sunday paper and on packaging. How can she get them mailed to her? Do you have to sign up with brand companies like P&G, General Mills etc. I know that email newsletters come with printable coupons, but are there any that just mail them out?

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    mailed coupons

    I have been emailing companies to compliment them on something then ask if they have a coupon for the item. I have recieved coupons (so far) from Huggies and will be getting coupons from Peppridge Farm, Glade, Frito Lay and Hefty. I need to send a self addressed stamp envelope to nabisco for their coupons. I just got started and am waiting for others. I haven't been flat out refused yet so we'll see. Hope that helps. Just google the company and use the contact us. Also, I heard on some printable coupons that Bricks has a button on the right had side that you can have them send you the coupon to your home. It isn't on all coupons though.

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    ~Not all companies offer mail coupons~ If you check the coupons listed here, if there is a mail option for having the coupon mailed. We include them in the list~

    ~Some companies if they offer an internet coupon for print only, if you email them, some will be more than glad to get the coupon to you, but not all of them will~

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    Thank you for the information. As noted before I do not have a printer so the mail option is perfect for me

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    Also, when the coupon is from - to see if there's a snail-mail option click "help" in the lower right. If they offer a mailed coupon, you'll get the address form.

    If you're interested in trying a new product, or have a compliment or complaint about one, contact them - many times you'll get a coupon, sometimes for a free product.

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