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Thread: Fat Fighters That Really Work

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    Fat Fighters That Really Work

    Fat Fighters That Really Work

    By Jean Carper, Anti-Aging Expert, Best-Selling Author and USA Weekend Columnist

    Some fat-busting supplements do work, Harry Preuss, M.D., reports in, "The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy." The Georgetown University Medical Center researcher says the following may help you lose and keep off weight and fat (you still need to restrict calories):

    • EGCG, an antioxidant in green tea, increases metabolism to burn calories, kills fat cells and blocks formation of new ones. What to take: a green tea extract pill before meals for a total daily dose of 270mg to 325mg of EGCG.
    • CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, can melt body fat and build muscle without calorie counting or exercise. What to take: 1.7g, twice a day, of Tonalin CLA.
    • HCA, hydroxycitric acid, derived from a tropical fruit, quadrupled weight loss in an eight-week moderate diet. What to take: 1,500mg, three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. The brand Preuss tested, Super CitriMax, is available from Now Foods.
    • Chromium targets the loss of fat instead of muscle. What to take: For weight loss, 200mcg, three times a day, of chromium bound to niacin (ChromeMate), or chromium picolinate or histidinate; for maintenance, take 200mcg a day. (Note:" Say mentions this one below.)
    • Starch blockers cut absorption of carbs. What to take: CarbEase or brands with the ingredient Phase 2. Follow label directions.

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    Some supplements can help you stick to your weight-loss resolution
    SUZY COHEN Dear Pharmacist 1/3/2009

    I have developed the most insatiable cravings for sweets. It's so bad that I have to eat candy bars every day.

    Stressful times call for sensible action. Please make a serious commitment, start sweating and throw out processed meals that are laden with artificial ingredients and refined sugar. It is important to have the support of other family members. More specifically, ask them to stop bringing home bagfuls of junk food that could sabotage you. There are some dietary supplements that can help too.

    • Guggul: also called "guggulipid" and comes from the gum resin of the guggul tree, native to India and Pakistan. The herb is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and it boosts production of thyroid hormone. This helps you burn fat, boost mood, increase energy and normalize cholesterol ratios.
    • Hoodia: This is a natural appetite suppressant that comes from a South African cactus. It won't speed your heart or give you the jitters, it just makes you feel full. Make sure the brand you pick is 100-percent certified.
    • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): This is a precursor to serotonin in your body, which is one of your happy brain chemicals. 5-HTP helps turn off your carb craver while stabilizing mood. Because the substance later converts to melatonin, it also deepens sleep for many people.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids: Fish oils are rich in omega-3s — and they speed up the rate at which you burn fat. Fish oils provide "essential fatty acids." But I promise you these are good fats and help you digest and get rid of bad fats.
    • Chromium: This mineral helps you balance blood sugar. If you crave sweets, you may have insulin resistance and a higher risk for diabetes. Chromium, and other minerals, are necessary for a person to overcome blood sugar imbalances which lead to cravings.
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    Another from Jean Carper

    7 scientific weight-loss tactics

    Keep a diary to raise awareness of what you eat.
    Use a Food Diary. Writing down what you eat each day can help you double the amount of weight you lose, reports Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore. It increases awareness so you tend to eat fewer calories, researchers say.

    CUT FRUCTOSE. This form of sugar can turn to fat in your body with surprising speed, show new tests at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Researchers' advice: Limit processed foods and beverages sweetened with fructose. Fruit is OK.

    HAVE SOUP. Girls ages 5 to 10 who regularly eat vegetable soup are at less risk of being overweight, reports a Portuguese study. Also, Penn State University finds that adults who eat vegetable soup (chunky or puréed) before a meal eat 20% fewer total calories at the meal. Soup makes you feel full.

    EAT SLOWLY. Gulping food makes you eat more, says a new University of Rhode Island study. Women who ate slowly, compared with those who ate quickly, consumed about 70 fewer calories and felt more satisfied later.

    Beware Saturday. Even diligent dieters overeat then, say researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

    DRINK WATER. Tests by Virginia Tech show drinking 2 cups of water a half-hour before breakfast cuts caloric intake by 13% in older Americans who are overweight. More exciting: German research says water burns calories! Drinking 2 cups of water revved metabolism 24% in overweight subjects in an hour. Cool water is best.

    GRAB BREAKFAST. Kids who eat breakfast cereal daily are less apt to be overweight, says new Greek research. Go for high-fiber, whole-grain cereal. Also, overweight dieters who ate two eggs a day lost 65% more weight in eight weeks than those who ate equal calories in bagels, says research by Saint Louis University.

    More from Jean Carper:

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    Dear Pharmacist (Suzy Cohen) was asked about some natural dietary supplements that can help one lose weight, or at least manage it during the holidays

    She advised that when it comes to weight management, nothing works better and faster than exercising and reducing your portion size. However, there are inexpensive vitamins and minerals that can assist you in your quest. Everything below has scientific studies to back up my comments. Just follow label directions for dosage, and of course, ask your doctor if these are right for you. (Note she advised that she was not suggesting that someone take all of these; only sharing options that might work:

    Asparagine — amino acid found in asparagus increases insulin sensitivity, which helps the body store energy in muscle, rather than storing it as body fat.
    Biotin — This B vitamin boosts metabolism by stabilizing blood sugar (improving glycemic control) and reducing insulin. Fabulous, because insulin is known to store fat on us.
    Zinc — mineral is closely tied to leptin. Low zinc reduces leptin, and that could cause you to feel hungry all the time. Restoring zinc could impact leptin and allow you to feel satisfied after one plate of stuffing.
    Vitamin A — vision vitamin just so happens to tell your genes to stop storing all the food you eat as fat! Studies suggest vitamin A is capable of shrinking fat cells.
    Niacin — I recommend this B vitamin for people with high cholesterol, but it increases adiponectin, a natural fat-burning hormone.
    Chromium — mineral makes the body more sensitive to insulin, thus reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle.
    Lipoic acid —She recommends this for people with diabetes to help manage blood sugar; it helps shuttle glucose into the cells, and this helps you burn carbs more efficiently. Good for neuropathy, too.
    Magnesium — Low magnesium impairs your ability to convert carbs and sugar into fuel, so it gets stored on as fat. Correcting a magnesium deficiency helps stimulate metabolism.
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    Dr. Oz
    Eat healthfully without straining your wallet. Green tea, plain yogurt, quinoa, black beans, and snap peas are both low cost and good for you. Looking to burn fat? Grapefruit, chile peppers, berries, and cream-free soups can keep the pounds off on a budget.

    Health, Diet and Wellness Tips from Dr. Oz, All in One Place

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    Weight Loss Archives :: Suzy Cohen ~ Dear Pharmacist, Inc.‎

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    From Better Nutrition

    10 Ways to Banish Bellyfat
    Natural secrets

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