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Thread: List of fast food receipts that give free food with survey

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    List of fast food receipts that give free food with survey

    I wanted to start a new list of fast food restaurants that will give you a free food item for filling out the survey on the bottom of your receipt. The surveys can be done over the phone or online. Usually it is an automated phone survey that takes a few minutes, and you are given a code to write in on your recipe to present as a coupon. Iíll start with the two I have:

    Taco Bueno
    Free taco or bean burrito (limit one per day)

    Free Roast Beef or Beef n cheddar sandwich (must complete within 2 days)

    If you know of any please post and letís help each other save some money!


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    I went to Burger King last week. On the back of my receipt was an opportunity to take a survey. At the end you get a code good for 1 free hamburger.

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    I think Wendy's will give you a free frosty if you fill out their survey on the back of the receipt. But I'm not sure... Maybe someone can check on that?

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    Buffalo Wild Wings will give you six traditional wings if you fill out their survey.

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    Papa Murphys will give you free choclate chip cookie dough survey takes 3 mins

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    Sonic gives you a free Route 44 drink if you do the survey at the bottom of their receipt. It can be a Premium drink too, like cherry limade or slushes!

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    Panda Express does a buy 1 entree get 1 free after their survey

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    Free Food For Survey

    On my receipt from Wendy's last night - they changed it from a free frosty to a free single hamburger (cheese or bacon extra).

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    Thank you soooo much for sharing,I had no idea they did this .

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