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Thread: Walmart Sensational Moms Connection Community

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    Walmart Sensational Moms Connection Community

    Anyone ever participated in this? They sent me an email saying I was selected to participate...just looking for input. Thanks

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    Congrats on getting picked. I've applied numerous times thru different survey hosting invites but have never been picked. Not sure why as I shop there ALL the time. I have belonged to communispace in the past (I'm assuming it is the walmart communispace) and both my college age kids currently belong to different communispace groups (from their colleges, not from the household). Earn some sort of monthly compensation from participating in their surveys, discussions and brainstorms and sometimes there are "special" activities with potential for additonal compensation. I assume walmart's compensation is walmart gift cards. The kids (and I in the past) received amazon, which I loved. I've been trying to get into another communispace since my last one closed down. Recently "would be a good candidate" for HP & Walmart, but haven't heard back from them. You will enjoy belonging and earning the gift cards.

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    I agree with the prior post! I have belonged to many comminspice groups, I truely enjoy it! there are i do belive 3 new ones out.

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    How do you get invited to these groups? Is there someplace to sign up? Thanks!

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