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Thread: looking for reviews on furniture bought at Big Lots

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    looking for reviews on furniture bought at Big Lots

    I know this is the wrong place but not sure where to put it. We are looking at a living room set from Big Lots and was wondering if anyone has bought them from there and how they hold out. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Can you find the name of the manufacturer, probably on a tag somewhere? Then you could check them out. Big Lots is a closeout type place, so they "could", I guess, have varying qualities of products.

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    Here you go. hope this may help. alot would depend on the brand. Even though they carry some brand names like 'Lane', they still are the lower end of the product line in quality. I guess alot would depend on the amt. of use. I would be a little apprehensive w/living room furniture, since it gets alot of use. A dresser or nightstand or something, I may buy.

    I know my brother bought a Lane recliner there and it held up less than one year. The back seemed to break or something, and when reclined, would hang to one side.

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    we just got a dining room set there. When we got home one of the leaves for the table was messed up, but we took it back and they gave us another. So far its been great! It was a fantastic deal... we used the 20% coupon that was out a while ago

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    We bought matching super comfy recliners there. Loved them for months until the sides started seperating. After a year they had to be junked, couldn't even donate. Maybe it varied but those are their everyday recliners. So thumbs down here.

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    My dad has a saying. Its: "Go ahead and purchase what you REALLY want, because you will eventually go back and get it anyway".

    If you are just trying to be frugal, then perhaps you might want to be frugal in some other area of your life. Purchasing furniture that lasts only a year is a bad investment.

    Now having said that, I have purchased shelving from BL but only the kind I put in a shed to store cans of paint on. Its wobbly but no body sees it so I don't care.

    The best "reviews" you can read are from real people like here on YDF.

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    We had a sectional from Big Lots for four years. We recently got rid of it because the cats were scratching it up. It was in fine shape and did not wear out anywhere.

    In fact, we couldn't get it down our stairs and we wound up tossing it off the porch. It stayed in one piece (which shocked me) and didn't even fall apart.

    We now have a couch, chair and a half, recliner, and ottoman from Big Lots. We've only had it for two weeks, but we love it so far.

    I think if you and your family are hard on furniture, it doesn't matter where you get it or how much it costs. Couches and stuff are just not made the way they used to be. They're more disposable.

    If you like it, and it's what you can afford, go for it!

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    Me and my husband recently bought a couch and recliner from there...after hearing rave reviews from my bro and sister in law on the living room furniture and matress they bought from Big Lots. Ours looks nice, is comfy, and sturdy. We are VERY impressed with what they had to offer........we would (and have) paid twice or more the price for comparable furniture. We are extremely pleased with it, and despite the attitude of the guy loading us up, we will buy from there again!!!!!!!(Furniture is just NOT built the way is way years ago, or if it comes close, you are paying huge amounts of money for it) Big Lots furniture I believe is stuff that will last 10 years (without cat claws!) Note: Get cats feel horrible for a few days and you get over the cats do too ......meanwhile you can have nice things in your home!I would NEVER again have a clawed cat living with me!!!
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    I bought my current couch at Big Lots. It's comfy and was well worth the money. I believe I only paid 250$ for it has definitely been worth it so far. (I've had it for 2 years now)

    I also bought a serta mattress from there. I would NOT recommend their mattresses. I've always trusted serta, but my box spring is already broken and I've only gotten a year and a 1/2 out of it.

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    I have some really nice card tables and chairs that I got from there about 5 years ago and they are awesome. I have never had trouble with any furniture I have bought there.

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