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Thread: OT: text 467467...

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    OT: text 467467...

    Text 467467 to receive...

    Free Gift from Seventeen & Secret

    Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes

    Crest whitestrips advanced seal sample

    Covergirl Eyelights

    CVS Fitness tote

    Outlast Lipstain

    Carefree sample

    Tampax Pearl Sample

    V8 v-Fusion

    Chex Mix Sample

    All of these I have texted for among others and have yet to receive any of them. One my first text ages ago they sent me back a couple of text messages getting my name, addy, etc. and then they always just text me a thank you, you will recieve... message. I know the seventeen gift and CVS tote are fairly new but some of the others and some of the ones I have sent for and not listed... Is this just a junk site or whats the deal? I know you can put your cc on file with them and shop using magazines and the codes but if they can not even send samples.

    So just wondering has anyone out there received anything from 467467?

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    I received a bunch from awhile ago (FS secret clinical, free campbell's harvest soup, free v-8 fusion), but I haven't received anything lately ie. none of the ones you've listed. They're not a scam but I don't know why they haven't sent anything out lately. Maybe they're behind? I'm not sure.

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    I have been wondering what's up with this lately. The only 2 things I ever received was the Campbell's Select free product coupon and the Fiber One bar. And the Fiber One bar was very strange because our cell phones are all in my name but the house phone is still listed under my husband's uncles name and that is who the bar came addressed to. I never sign up for anything under his name and usually will not give out the home number. So I am wondering how they got his name when I texted from my cell phone. I also try to keep track of what I sign up and when so I don't try for the same offers. And their freebies used to say they would be sent in 2-3 weeks and now they say 6-8 weeks. Of course their 2-3 week freebies have been going on 3 months now and still nothing. Maybe they will get things worked out soon and start sending stuff!

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    The word you needed to text was: SECRET


    They're all out now.

    ShopText:Thanks for your interest! Sadly, we have exceeded the limit of prizes for this offer. To receive future offers from Seventeen, reply SEVENTEEN
    BTW, contests run by Seventeen Magazine have an age limit. (I think it's max 24 years old). If you're older than that, you can't win. So if you've texted ShopText your birthday before, maybe you're being disqualified and that's the reason you're not receiving things.

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    If you log into using your cell number then you can check the status of your "orders" It does not always give details but you can also ask them for status. Hope this helps

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