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Thread: Mystery Shoppers Beware: Freeman Group!

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    Mystery Shoppers Beware: Freeman Group!

    I have HAD it with Freeman Group! I completed a BIG shop for them in April - guess I can't really say who it was for, but the shop was $130. And I STILL haven't received payment! It was supposed to come May 25. When it didn't, I sent an email and got no reply. Then about 2 weeks later, I got this "mass" email that stated:

    I am writing you today to give an update on the payment due to you, including a schedule of when you can anticipate receiving your payment.

    Shops completed prior to 3/15/09 will receive payment 6/08 - 6/11/09.

    Shops completed 3/16 5/15/09 will receive payment 6/25 6/30/09.

    After this next round of payments, we anticipate a significant improvement in the payment process. Our business is stabilizing along with the economy, which will improve our cash flow and significantly shorten the payables cycle. I know that many of you who shopped for us 4th quarter 2008 and 1st quarter 2009 have experienced a long delay in getting paid and for this we are truly sorry. Thank you for your continued patience. We all look forward to being on the other side of these past due payments.

    That BS made it sound like they didn't have the money in the first place! My check should've come between 6/25 and 6/30, which it didn't.....and today when I emailed them, I got this response:

    Thank you for your response. Although I am not be able to respond to your email personally, I will send another update in two weeks. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

    I don't have patience and understanding at this point! I completed a $130 shop for them over 4 months ago. I WANT my payment!!

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    I had a similar problem with them a few months ago, also for over $100. But hang in there, because they did eventually pay me!

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    Still haven't received payment for this shop and they won't answer any emails or voicemails. This isn't quite the same as waiting on a survey company to pay out - I paid up front and it's been 6 months now!

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