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Thread: Warning about Dark Colas

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    Warning about Dark Colas

    This is probably the wrong place but I thought you guys should know the dangers of dark soda drinking.

    I was drinking over 2 liters a day of diet coke and just got out of the hospital last week after almost dying.

    I had a 6mm kidney stone in my uriter that was completely blocking my left kidney from draining into my bladder. The infection progressed and my kidney filled with puss (kidney abcess), then the infection spread to my blood stream (sepsis, or blood poisoning). I was in SEVERE pain and ran a fever of about 104 for about a week. It was about 102.5 for 3 days in the hospital.

    3 days into my stay, when the fever broke, thedoctor came in and told me when I came in I was dying. I'm 27 with 4 kids, I can't die. He also told me there is a good chance my mass cola drinking was the cause of my stone.
    I was in the ER on my daughters 4th birthday and got admitted 3 days later on my sons 1st birthday. Then they did a lithrotripsy on my wedding aniversary in day surgery.

    I am still very sore and I still have a stent in my uriter from them bypassing the stone. I can't lift anything, not even my kids. I can't even bathe them on my own. Doctors orders.



    i never knew how much, but pretty bad.

    Please, limit your cola!

    There should be a warning on the coke bottle
    "May cause Kidney Stones"
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    Thank you for the warning. My daughter and I drink alot of diet pop.

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    Mammamoo.... you poor thing! I hope you heal soon and get the stent removed!

    Kidney stones are AWFUL! I was told that once you have one, you can expect more. I keep meds for them with me at all times, even when I travel!

    I am prone to kidney stones and they are horrible. It depends on a persons system as everyone is different, but yes, soda is a major contributer to causing them.

    In my case, it is the sodium in things that causes me to not process calcium properly. Soda has a lot of sodium in it. So I end up pasing stones that are calcium based.

    I suppose nature gave us water for a reason so that is all I drink now and the occasional glass of tea.

    I had a stent two years ago for a stone that was too big to pass and lithotripsy. That stent was horrible! It touches the inside of your bladder making you think you have to go all the time. Having it taken out is no fun either.

    The one positive side of having the stent, other than it making it so I could pas urine, is that it stretched out my ureter so that I can pass bigger stones. My last stone passed with no problem and was about 8 mm.

    I know I should not make light of kidney stone, but if I didn't I would just cry when I have them. I swear at them, talk nasty to them, and tell them they can't beat me. I am thinking that maybe I should make some jewlery out of them! LOL! I also told my husband I wanted a vanity plate on the car that says "I P ROX".

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    Quote Originally Posted by APunkAdicts View Post
    I also told my husband I wanted a vanity plate on the car that says "I P ROX".
    I love it!!

    Foods and Drinks Containing Oxalate
    People prone to forming calcium oxalate stones may be asked by their doctor to limit or avoid certain foods if their urine contains an excess of oxalate.

    Foods to Avoid
    High-oxalate foods—higher to lower

    swiss chard
    wheat germ
    soybean crackers
    black Indian tea
    sweet potatoes

    Phosphorus Content of Foods

    High-Phosphorus Foods
    Dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt)
    Beans (baked, kidney, lima, pinto)
    Nuts and peanut butter
    Processed meats (hot dogs, canned meat)
    Canned iced teas and lemonade
    Bran cereals
    Egg yolks Liquid non-dairy creamer

    Medium-oxalate foods—higher to lower
    Foods that have medium amounts of oxalate may be eaten in limited amounts.

    green pepper
    red raspberries
    fruit cake

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    I would think drinking that quanity of soda on a regular basis would be a problem, regardless of diet vs regular, cola vs non-cola: lots of sugar in regular, lots of chemicals in diet; caffeine, sodium, potassium, etc. The caffeine alone could've been enough to dehyrdrate you.

    I'm glad you now know that you are prone to stones, and can avoid foods that might trigger them for you. Reyna's post is very informative - but I hope your doctor analyzed your stone so you know what's a problem for you. I hope your doctor gave your more advice than just to decrease soda intake.

    I am curious - when you were in the ER in severe pain & w/a high fever, did they diagnose the stone then, and want to keep an eye on it? Curious that you weren't admitted until 3 days later.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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    Unhappy I feel you!!

    I know what your pain was like... I have had kidney stones TWICE! Once you get them you are PRONE to them so be sure to LISTEN to the Doctor! Kidney stone pain is NO JOKE... and that is putting it mildly!

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    cola also causes osteoporosis in women. it is bad news. i had alresdy given it up when i heard about that. i rarely drink it any more. also splenda kills the good bacteria in your digestive system, leading to yeast in your digestive tract if you have problems with yeast.

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    I have been drinking diet cola since I was 12 years old, every single day. I am now 68 years old and have had NO problems whatsoever from it.

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    Not to be disruptive, but let's be careful about sharing medical information with each other without the advice of our own physicians and verified medical professionals on this site.

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    Child molestors can never be rehabilitated.ZERO TOLERANCE!!!!!!
    Thanks for letting us know! I'm not a big soda drinker- and after reading this I'm glad I'm not....Now, on to worry about the other junk I consume Lots of pizza !!!!!

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