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Thread: OT: Disney Movie Club CONTACT info?

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    Angry OT: Disney Movie Club CONTACT info?

    I am a reader of fine print, and pride myself in not getting scammed. Guess what? This movie club is scamming me out of more $ than I can stand! I got nowhere on the phone, and really need to have "paper trail". They are not affiliated w/ BBB, so I am hoping someone out there can help! Anyone know of another site or email for them? I am freaking out a little! TIA!

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    Disney Movie Club
    P.O. Box 738
    Neenah, WI 54957-0738,
    Customer service email address:
    Customer service telephone number:
    9am - 9pm ET, Monday to Friday
    For automated opt out choice selection:
    9am - 9pm ET, Monday to Friday

    I belong and have only had trouble once. After you get your problem straightened out go into your account and take your credit card number off and use the "pay by check" option. They once sent me a movie I had said no to and then charged my card.
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    In case you need another contact, this is what the Better Business Bureau has on file for them:
    500 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521
    Tel: (800) 362-4587

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    thank you both very much!

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    Let me signed up, have pretty much ordered a video a month or so, whenever they have sent you their fliers...and the first time you do not order they send you the video of the month without even letting you know!!!!!! I had this happen twice. I had not read this detail anywhere! And you cannot just say "don't send me the video of the month ever", you have to contact them EVERY time and tell them you don't want it. Like I had time for that....

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