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Thread: Updated: 2010 Multiple Birth Programs

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    Updated: 2010 Multiple Birth Programs

    This is a list of companies that I have dealt with directly and know that these freebies come. Most of them do require that you submit proof of multiple births as well. Also, remember to ask your doctor for any samples that are available through them!
    Some of these offers also apply to singleton babies so it doesnt hurt to try! Also if you all find a great freebie for new babies please post them here to share with others. This is another great year to save big money when it comes to children!
    if you email them and ask if the have any samples they sent me 2 bibs , 2 tubes of butt paste, 2 tubes of baby chapstick, and sample packets of baby wash
    if you email them asking for samples also , they sent me a baby bottle, packets of creams for breast feeding and a few other samples

    Will send rice cereal samples, spoons and coupons.

    Carnation Good Start Formula

    Diaper Genie (Playtex)
    Playtex Products
    20 Troy Road
    Whittany, NJ 07981
    $7.00 Rebate on the purchase of a Diaper Genie.

    Earth's Best Baby Foods
    Newsletter, product information, coupons

    Gerber Baby Food
    1-800-4-GERBER / 1-800-443-7237
    Gerber Products Co.
    Attn: Consumer Response
    445 State Street
    Fremont, MI 49413-0001
    Will send coupons for food and apparel and a feeding spoon for each baby; copy of birth certificates required

    1-800-USA-BABY (1-800-872-2229)
    Booklet, coupons; label saving program for childrens' hospitals

    Johnson & Johnson
    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.
    199 Grandview Road
    Skillman, NJ 08558-9418
    Will send samples of lotion, booklet, and coupons.

    Kimberly Clark (Huggies)
    1-800-544-1847 / 1-800-388-3166 / 1-800-835-7268
    PO Box 2020
    Dept. QMB
    Neenah, WI 54957-2020
    Will send coupons for Huggies diapers, wipes and other products. They will also add you to their mailing list for coupons; copy of birth certificates may be required.

    Learning Curve (RC2, The First Years & Others)
    Learning Curve
    Attn: Multiple Birth Program
    100 Technology Center Dr. Suite 2A
    Stoughton, MA 02072
    Will send three disposable sippy cups, three teething books.

    Mead-Johnson (Enfamil/Prosobee)
    1-800-BABY-123 / 1-800-222-9123
    Mead Johnson Nutritionals
    2400 West Lloyd Expy – B215
    Evansville, IN 47721
    Helping Hands Program through pediatrician or NICU for multiples that provides 3 cases of formula per baby for triplets. They also have the Famliy Beginnings Program for coupons and mailings.

    McNeil Consumer Products (Tylenol)

    Nestle Infant Nutrition
    PO Box AW
    Wilkes Barre, PA 18703
    coupons for 2 cans of formula free; copy of birth certificates required

    Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Triaminic)
    Coupons for Triaminic products

    Ocean Spray
    Ocean Spray Canberries, Inc
    Consumer Affairs Dept.
    1 Ocean Spray Drive
    Lakeville-Middleborough, MA 02349
    Will send coupons.

    Proctor & Gamble (Pampers/Luvs/Baby Fresh)
    1-800-543-0480 / 1-800-726-7377 (Pampers)

    The Proctor & Gamble Distributing LLC
    Consumer Relations
    P.O. Box 599
    Cincinnati, OH 45201
    Mailing list and coupons

    Ross Labs (Similac/Isomil), /
    1-800-222-BABY-LINE / 1-800-222-9546 / 1-800-232-7677
    Welcome Addition Club; teddy bears, formula samples, newsletters, coupons

    Sassy, Inc
    Buy one, get remaining multiples free offer for one of a few of their products.

    Email them for free samples for pregnant women. I did this and got:
    2 post natal firming lotion samples
    1 heals n softens dry skin cream
    1 massage cream for stretch marks
    1 scar cream

    1-800-222-9546 Free starter pack of similac formula

    1-800-505-2742 Free Sids video, sticker, and babysitter reminder

    1-800-969-5268 Free sample of Childrens chewable mylanta

    1-800-523-6633 Beechnut - New Parent Pack

    1-800-257-4949 Carnation - Magazine, recipes, coupons

    1-800-422-2902 Enfamil - coupons

    1-800-755-4999 Growing Healthy Baby Food-Coupons, mailing list

    1-800-544-1847 Kimberly Clark (Huggies) catalog, mailing list

    1-800-543-0480 Proctor & Gamble (Pampers/Luvs) mailing list

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    Huggies is offering a sample pack ( 3 count I think) of Pure & Natural diapers.
    Just signed up yesterday.

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