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Thread: Does Anyone Subscribe To Sweeties Secret Sweeps?

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    Does Anyone Subscribe To Sweeties Secret Sweeps?

    I was just wondering if anyone subscribes to this site (I think it's $25), and if so if you find it to be worth it. I like entering local sweeps because I feel like I win a lot more with them, but I don't want to pay the fee if the sweeps listed are going to be one's that are easy to find on free sites.

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    I don't think, personally, I would subscribe here. I would suggest or if you want to subscribe to a newsletter. I enter hundreds of local sweeps and win a good amount with them so I would continue to do that, forever! LOL. Your best bet is to come here to YDF for the free sweeps. I have won because of YDF. Just my thought so good luck to you.

    Peace, Fontana

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    Similar to Sam'sClub/CostCo/Etc....

    You have to make back the money you pay them to join the service. If you are going to potentially save $30/year for joining a club, but you pay $30 to join....what's the point?

    Most times, when you pay up front to save money later, you can make it work, but it isn't going to be free money...

    Bottom line is that it has to make sense to pay the fee.

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    I'm not at all familiar with Sweeties, but I am familiar with other paid subscription sites. I don't enter local, phone-in, or snail mail sweeps, so I'll defer to Fontana's experience with paid subscriptions for those contests.

    In my experience, for national online contests, it's not worth it to me to pay for these subscriptions, since I've never found any worthwhile (high ticket) sweeps that I couldn't find for free elsewhere. I subscribe to nine free online sweeps forums, and have bookmarked several manufacturer web sites that regularly sponsor sweeps, and these sources give me about 350 sweeps to enter every day.

    As far as the Costco analogy goes, I know from experience that I will definitely get back ten times the amount I spend for my membership fee, so I look on that as a good investment with a guaranteed return. With these paid sweeps sites, there's no guarantee that I'll get any return on the money I'd spend, so that's another reason I wouldn't join them.

    That's my eleven cents; I'm sure there are those whose experience is wildly different.
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    I must tell ya I love Sweepsheets! I have not tried any others except a place when I first started and it was not good. They wanted to enter for you. I cancelled. I never paid but got alot of hassle like snail mail in the wrong name. I hope to get back up to speed and well soon and get back to sweeping but lately I just can't do many so I am not taking a sweepers sheet right now. I tried one place but he went out of business right away. I got no snail sheet but I did get one month free at Sweepsheets. They took over for him. He had a family illness I think. Refer Fontana39 and she gets a free week I think if you take Sweepsheet. Every freebie helps.

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