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Thread: Opinion Outpost Changes

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    Opinion Outpost Changes

    Opinion outpost has changed its reward system Along with Amazon,you can now donate to the Red Cross. But the Biggest change is you no longer can cashout for a check at $5.00,it's been upped to $20.00. To bad,was one of the only sights I really got "paid" almost every other week at least.More info on their

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    yes i saw that as well, but i have been having better luck getting the surveys to load!

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    You can also get a $15 Citi gift card (virtual or physical) for 150 points

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    I have been with Opinion Outpost for several years now. Never had a problem with them. Just did a PT survey last night. Then this morning I went to log in & check out these new changes more closely but kept getting this message:

    "Your account has been temporarily frozen due to data concerns. In most cases your account can be reactivated at your request, so before you do anything else please contact us for assistance."

    Never seen that message before. Sent them an email, hope I can get back in...

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