Megan McCracken's Power Walking Set
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Megan McCracken has been enjoying a successful TV and Radio career for over 20 years. She's also been the face of dozens of Fortune 500 advertisers. Megan's love for fitness kept her in great shape in order to keep up with the demanding world of broadcast Television. During that time, she developed a passion for teaching. Now you can get fitness instructions from Megan herself, an ACE certified Group Fitness instructor! Includes: Instructional Audio CD with an Illustrated Booklet, a Pedometer with Clock, Step, Distance and Calorie Counter, Two 0.45 kg (1lb) Wrist and Ankle Weights, Up to 106cm (41.7 inches) Adjustable Waist Belt with Storage, a 500 ml BPA Free Sports Bottle. Limit of 3 per customer.