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Thread: Swagbucks/Roboswag Questions....

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    Swagbucks/Roboswag Questions....

    Hey YDF! I wasn't sure what section to post this question under, freebies, surveys, or coke points, so, if I have posted this in the wrong section, please let me know.
    I am relatively new to Swagbucks, and so far I mostly love it. I earn points a lot faster than other sites I have belonged to for years! I just watched a youtube video about earning on swagbucks that suggested using an app called roboswag, but didn't explain much else. Have any of you heard of Roboswag, or used it? Do you have any pointers for earning faster on Swagbucks? I do the daily poll, NOSO, answer surveys and search daily. I also have the toolbar to check for swag codes. Have I missed anything? TIA!

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    I've been on Swagbucks for a few years and the shop & earn is a great way to get a good amount as is the special offers. The shop & earn is especially good if you are going to be getting things you would have needed to get anyway. I earned a lot of SB getting the things my DD needs for her dorm room. Here's a link to the do's and dont's of SB

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    I use the shop and earn when I can find retailers I shop from.....the best deal Ihave scored since starting was $19.95 Proactiv trial (which is a product I use and needed), got me 2000 points, which equals $20 paypal, so it was like getting my first delivery of proactiv for free.

    Has anyone heard of Roboswag? Do you know how it works? Is it a good idea? TIA

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    You can join Swagbucks here:

    Be Rewarded at, home of the web’s premier digital dollar: The Swag Buck

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