I have subscribed to CR for decades and followed its advice with good results. But it seems to be under new leadership and has IMO become essentially worthless. For example in the latest issue it uses a whole page with enormous photo to assist all us morons with test results which points out if you buy the "Five Guys" Little Hamburger instead of the regular sized one you will consume fewer calories. If you eat their Little Cheeseburger instead of the regular cheeseburger, same amazing result...fewer calories. A Full Page and that is it! (But I recently got several notices of how the new format was prettier etc.)
A few months back doing a review of only packaged "BROTHS" they selected a couple of STOCKS the winners (as most cooks know, broths don't include bones and stocks are heavy on bones and the products are very different in taste). Conclusion IMO is CR reviewers readers rely on for advice didn't know what they were doing. And a generic issue is the magazine mostly offers *opinions* without really providing detailed reasoning as in the past. If you want details as the magazine previously provided you need to subscribe at extra cost to the online CR. Why mention it here? This is a place to point out savings available to everyone so my (and my wife too) advice is save your money and not subscribe until professionals regain control of the magazine. I stopped subscribing after over 30 years... Anyway, FWIW