They had a sale at Penny's on Friday & Saturday where you got an additional 50% off of all clearance items. I just looked at the Sunday paper and in their add I see that you can still get that discount off of clearance items. If any of you have a Penny's close by you should check it out. I got all of my kid's clothing for next year. All of the jeans for the kids were only $3.49 and the original prices were from $24.99 - $40.00!! I got Levi's, Mudd, Arizona and other name brands. They had lots of tops and bottoms of all sorts. It is not only the kid's clothing, but ANY clearance items through out the whole store. I spent a total of $108.00 and got 16 pairs of jeans, 1 jogging suit, and 10 tops. It shows you your savings at the bottem of the receipt also. If I would have paid original prices for everything I would have spent $661.00 instead of $108.00!!
Definitly worth checking out!!